Pizza Wine: Perfect Pairings for Your Pie

Liza, Jeff and I chat about pairing pizza and wine on Global TV’s Morning Show (whereas the cameramen and studio crew edge in ever nearer to the set).

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Queen Margherita Pizzeria made these mouth-wateringly scrumptious pizzas contemporary and sizzling, that includes first the traditional Margherita Pizza.

This pizza was named in honor of Queen Margherita, the spouse of King Umberto I, in 1889, when the couple visited Naples and wished to style the native pie.

Margherita PizzaQueen Margherita Pizzeria’s Margherita Pizza

A chef chosen patriotic toppings with the colours within the Italian flag: white mozzarella, contemporary pink tomatoes, and fragrant inexperienced basil leaves.

Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio 2014Ruffino Lumina Pinot Grigio 2014
Venezie I.G.T., Italy

Zesty Italian white wines minimize by the fats and saltiness of the mozzarella that’s the predominant ingredient of this pizza traditional.

Red wines and rosés with good acidity can deal with pizza too; and so they stand as much as the tangy tomatoes, olives, and pepperoni. The traditional regional pairings for pizza with tomato sauce are Italian reds reminiscent of chianti, barbera, or barolo.

All of Queen Margherita Pizzeria’s tomatoes are of the deeply flavoured bittersweet San Marzano selection and even have their very own certification of high quality: Protected Designation of Origin (DOP).

That’s similar to wine’s Denominazione di Origine (DOC) or the title of origin, the Italian appellation designation of the place the wines are made and the way they’re made, with strict laws and high quality tips.

The gentle/milky fior di latte is made within the fashion of contemporary mozarella.Modus Ruffino 2011

There are two predominant classes of pizza: Bianco and Rosso. Bianco pizza is made with a white sauce or base, reminiscent of olive oil and/or cheese. Rosso pizza has a base of pink sauce: tomato sauce.

Modus Ruffino 2011

Tuscany I.G.T., Italy

Next up, Liza tasted the “Birdman Pizza” named not for the film, however fairly for the very fact it has sesame seeds on the pie (aka fowl meals).

It’s cooked with calmly bitter kale and candy cherry tomatoes. Toasted sunflower seeds add crunch and a touch of peanut flavour. Topped with parmesan cheese including a nutty/fruity flavour and garlic aioli.

pizza tomato basil 620Next up, Jeff dug into “The Dominator,” a pizza cooked with bittersweet San Marzano tomatoes, bitter rapini, spicy fennel sausage and smoked mozzarella.

Pizza and Wine Global Nov 2015With Chris and Chef Matt from Queen Margherita Pizzeria earlier than the present.

This wine requires (calls for) a full-bodied pink wine with wealthy, deep flavours and the heft to muscle in beside the pizza in order that one doesn’t dominate the opposite.

The DominatorYes, it’s sacrilege when it comes to Italian pizza purists, however I needed to point out Hawaiian pizza, topped with ham and pineapple.

pizza hawaiian close

The different pizzas on the desk included some marvelous mixtures:

Cinque Stagione, cooked with spicy flavoured zuchinni, candy pink bell peppers, gentle milky fior di latte and garlic. Topped with a barely salty and agency ricotta salata and truffle oil including a earthy scent of mushrooms.

Alla, cooked with a pointy and gentle/milky asiago cheese, oyster mushroom, garlic and tart flavour of goats cheese.

Cropped shot of a group of friends enjoying pizza together

Gio, cooked with San Marzano tomatoes, candy cherry tomatoes and gentle/milky fior di latte. Topped with candy/salty skinny sliced prosciutto di parma and peppery style of arugula.

Gio Oldschool

Pizzas are available in many types and so do the complementary wines.

“Without query, the best invention within the historical past of mankind is wine. Oh, I grant you that the wheel was additionally a superb invention, however the wheel doesn’t go practically as effectively with pizza.”
– Dave Barry

Clos Du Bois Rouge 2012




Clos Du Bois Rouge 2012
California, United States



Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc 2014




Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc 2014
Marlborough, New Zealand



pizza cheese margherita

Cusumano Noa 2012



Cusumano Noà 2012
Sicily D.O.C., Italy




Henry of Pelham Cuvee Catherine Rose Brut



Henry of Pelham Cuvee Catherine Rose Brut
Niagara Peninsula, Ontario, Canada




Folie A Deux Zinfandel 2012



Folie À Deux Zinfandel 2012
Dry Creek Valley, Sonoma County, California, United States




Georges Duboeuf



Georges Duboeuf Morgon Cote De Py 2011
Burgundy, France





Queen Margherita Pizzeria has three areas in Toronto:

QMP West (Baby Point) 785 Annette Street
Toronto, ON M6S 2E4
(647) 345-4466

QMP Central (Dundas West) 772 Dundas Street West
Toronto, ON M6J 1V1
(647) 748-4666

QMP East (Leslieville) 1402 Queen Street East
Toronto, ON M4L 1C9
(416) 466-6555

Posted with permission from Global Television.


Pizza Wine: Perfect Pairings for Your Pie

Liza: Whether you’re planning an evening in entrance of the TV or dinner out at a restaurant, you may by no means go fallacious with a slice of pizza and a glass of wine however what wine do you have to pair? Editor of wine evaluate web site is right here to present us some ideas and becoming a member of us now. I’ve been dwelling for this all morning lengthy.  It seems to be so unimaginable.

Natalie: Hard hitting analysis right here.

Liza: I do know, this seems to be superb.

Jeff: Well discuss to us a bit about pairing wine with pizza as a result of usually I believe most individuals consider pizza like, “This is pub grub and I’ll have a beer.”

Natalie: Just as many different meals have been kind of elevated to wine pairings, we consider pasta or fried hen, effectively, pizza goes equally effectively with wine and it’s all concerning the toppings. To our proper is the Margherita pizza which is the unique Neapolitan pizza offered by Queen Margherita Pizzeria proper right here in Toronto.

Liza: Yes, it’s the Neapolitan fashion that’s like loopy good.

Natalie: It’s in honour of Queen Margherita and a patriotic chef who put the colors of the Italian flag on the pie. You have the contemporary basil … inexperienced, you have got mozzarella …  white and you’ve got the contemporary tomatoes … pink.

Jeff: So, once you’re fascinated by the wine that you simply’re pouring right here, it’s to pair, clearly, with these toppings?

Natalie: Yes. So you have got a zesty white wine right here that’s going to chop by the richness of the mozzarella, the acidity for the tomatoes. It ought to work, does it work?

Liza: Yes.

Natalie: Okay good. You paused! You’re killing me.

Liza: It labored so effectively.

Natalie: Okay.

Jeff: Liza has not met a wine she doesn’t like.

Liza: That is likely to be true.

Jeff: Okay.

Liza: What a pairing!

Jeff: Alright, what do now we have subsequent to it?

Natalie: We have the Birdman, not named for the film. The pizzeria had it first … it’s as a result of it has sunflower seeds so, fowl meals. We have some wilted kale, some aioli, once more some contemporary mozzarella.

Liza: Well I attempted this finish of the desk.

Natalie: Exactly.

Jeff: If now we have time …

Liza: Yes, we,ll get to your finish…

Natalie: After our industrial break.

Jeff: Yes.

Natalie: I’ve a zesty wine it’s possible you’ll be acquainted with, the Kim Crawford Sauvignon Blanc. It has the kind of natural nearly asparagus, canned peas in a glass. It will go properly with that kale if you wish to attempt it.

Liza: Alright.

Natalie: She’s doing a number of work over there.

Liza: I do know.

Jeff: Give it one for the crew, thanks we recognize.

Natalie: Jeff, I’ve obtained the Dominator for you.

Jeff: The Dominator?

Natalie: Yes.

Liza: Alright.

Jeff: Okay, let’s do it.

Natalie: So that is their full-on strong pizza. I simply must share the menu with you, right here. It has fennel sausage, rapini, smoked mozzarella and fried chili oil.

Liza: Wow.

Jeff: You have me at sausage.

Natalie: Exactly, get proper in there. So, we’re taking a look at a full-on, full-bodied pink wine like a Southern Italian pink wine from Sicily.

Liza: Right.

Natalie: They know learn how to do pizza and wine there. Here we go.

Jeff: Okay, as a result of now we have sausage and a bit of spicy dancing in there …

Natalie: Yes spicy, so that you need huge pink fruit, you need some spice, some toasty oak. See if that one works for you. You may additionally go along with a California Zinfandel. This is usually the final word pizza wine…

Liza: Okay.

Natalie: Because it has these berries, these darkish plums, the juiciness, the spiciness.

Liza: So once you’re going for a heavier pizza?

Natalie: Exactly.

Liza: You get into that.

Natalie: And pizza generally, you realize it’s fairly flavourful. Even the milder pizzas have loads occurring.

Liza: Yes.

Natalie: Acidity is usually a part of it, whether or not it’s the tomatoes or a number of the different components.

Jeff: So once you’re pairing this, is the wine supposed to reinforce these flavours?

Natalie: It is. So, the Dominator shouldn’t dominate that wine, they need to muscle in collectively and type of dance in your mouth.

Jeff: Oh there’s a full ring battle occurring proper now, sure!   

Liza: Yes I do know.

Natalie: Front ring seats.

Liza: It is so superb.

Natalie: Alright, now we have prosciutto and now we have arugula, a little bit of bitterness and a number of salt.  Again salt performs a giant a part of pizzas.

Jeff: Sure.

Natalie: And so that you wish to be sure that your wine has sufficient acidity which is the pairing for salt and once more the heft. Then now we have some wild mushrooms, some feta cheese and goat cheese and a few solar dried tomatoes. They have such great mixtures right here.

Liza:  And when do you wish to escape the Sparkling?

Natalie: When we go to interrupt.

Liza: Absolutely.

Natalie: It’s most likely sacrilege, Italian Pizza smart, however a few of us right here like Hawaiian pizza. It shouldn’t be conventional however…

Liza: Yes.

Natalie: You have your ham, you have got your pineapple and you’ve got your candy and salty with each of these.

Jeff & Liza: Yes.

Natalie: I might go along with an off dry Niagara Riesling … a contact of sweetness, lime and apricot to bop with the pineapple. It will be performed.

Jeff: Yes. You know I’m undecided if that is true, fairly positive it’s ,however do you know the place Hawaiian pizza was developed?

Natalie: No, please do inform.

Jeff: It’s not Hawaii however is Windsor Ontario.

Natalie: Really?

Liza: Really?

Jeff: Yes, I do know. The first pizza place, apparently, put pineapple on pizza and made a pineapple and ham Hawaiian pizza.

Natalie: They should have been dreaming of a trip down south.

Jeff: Exactly.

Natalie: Okay let’s go.

Jeff: Yes.

Liza:  Natalie MacLean from

Natalie: Cheers!

Liza: Cheers!

Jeff: Cheers! Thank you Natalie, good to see you. 







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