How to Use Wood Chunks for Smoking and Grilling


We’ve mentioned it earlier than; we’ll say it once more: Smoke is the soul of barbecue. And wooden is prized by grasp grillers from Berkeley to Barcelona.   Whether you’re a barbecuer or a griller; whether or not you prepare dinner on a grill or smoker, over charcoal or propane, hardwood chunks will make your meals style higher.

There are some ways to make use of wooden chunks to generate flavorful smoke when barbecuing or grilling.   You may even use the chunks themselves as a gas for direct grilling.

Unlike wood chips, you don’t have to soak chunks in water earlier than utilizing. (They simply don’t soak up a lot water, which explains how picket ships can keep afloat.) And wooden chunks proceed delivering smoke lengthy after chips have burned to ash, a serious benefit throughout lengthy cooks.

We know this can sound elementary to a lot of you, but it surely by no means hurts to have a refresher course on how you can use wooden chunks to take your stay hearth cooking to the following degree.


How to Use Wood Chunks with a Charcoal Grill

When Indirect Grilling

Add 2 to three chunks (four to six in all) to every mound of lit charcoal.   Replenish as wanted (when the smoke ceases to movement). 

When Direct Grilling

Place 2 to three chunks straight on the mattress of coals and direct grill the meals over them.

How to Direct Grill Over a Wood Fire

A extremely cool method — Fill your chimney starter with wooden chunks and light-weight them as you’d charcoal.  When the embers glow orange, pour them over the underside of the grill.   Insert the grate and also you’re direct grilling over wooden.

Note: wooden burns extra rapidly than charcoal, so you might need to gentle a second chimney of wooden chunks.  When direct grilling over wooden, at all times depart your grill open (uncovered)—in any other case, your meals will change into unbearably smoky.


How to Use Wood Chunks on a Gas Grill

For a Grill with a Smoker Box and a Dedicated Burner

Place 2 to three wooden chunks within the field with the burner beneath it set on excessive.  Replenish as wanted.

Over Burner Method

Set up your grill for direct grilling or oblique grilling, following the producer’s directions.  Lift the grate and place 1 to 2 wooden chunks straight over every lit burner.   Return the grate and add the meals: straight over the wooden chunks for direct grilling; subsequent to or between the wooden chunks for oblique grilling.


How to Use Wood Chunks in a Water Smoker or Offset Smoker

Build a charcoal hearth within the hearth field. Add three to four wooden chunks to start out with, and replenish as wanted it (when the smoke ceases to movement).


How to Use Wood Chunks in an Electric or Gas Smoker

Preheat the smoker, following the producer’s directions.   Place 1 to 2 wooden chunks within the gas pan over the heating component.

Hack for a Bradley-style smoker: Place a wooden chunk straight on the heating component.   You’ll get much more smoke than with the sawdust disks.


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