How to Grill London Broil to Perfection


London broil is an elusive, mysterious meat. For starters, it’s neither from London, neither is it broiled. It lives in our collective creativeness, however there isn’t any such reduce on a steer—although your native grocery store would possibly promote pre-packaged beef labeled “London Broil.”

The legendary James Beard claimed the time period “London broil” first appeared in print in 1931 in Philadelphia, and within the early days, referred to flank steak. Today, you’re more likely to see any thick, lean reduce labeled London broil, together with high or backside spherical, sirloin, or much less typically, flank steak or tri-tip. (Flank steak and tri-tip have come into their very own lately, forging a preferred identification with cooks and residential cooks alike.)

I’d argue that London broil is a technique of grilling and carving a thick steak, not a selected reduce of meat. The steaks are typically robust, but flavorful. The actual genius in London broil lies in the way in which you slice it; sharply on the diagonal towards the grain to reduce the size of the meat fibers. This makes a tricky reduce tender, and it offers you broad, meaty slices that seared on the surface, delectably uncommon on the within, and that look drop-dead scrumptious carpeting your plate.

London broil ought to by no means be cooked a lot past medium-rare, or it will likely be too robust. A skinny reduce might be direct grilled. But for a thicker reduce, I choose a two-zone hearth: Sear the meat on the most well liked a part of the grill grate, then transfer it to the cooler facet of the grill to complete cooking. Use an correct meat thermometer to gauge the temperature.

Some references to London broil point out the meat ought to be marinated earlier than cooking, and that’s good recommendation. Not as a result of marinades tenderize meat—they don’t actually penetrate the fibers deeply sufficient to try this—however they’re a beautiful method so as to add taste. In my e-book How to Grill, you’ll discover a recipe for Ginger-Soy London Broil. You can discover different marinade choices in Sauces, Rubs, and Marinades.

Today, I’m sharing a recipe that was given to me by a California grill grasp I met years in the past, Rodolfo Lagua. His Pinoy-style marinade will develop into, I predict, considered one of your favorites. Be certain to let the meat marinate for not less than 6 hours, and even in a single day.

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