8 Effective Yoga Asanas To Keep Your Bones Healthy

Yoga is a sensible remedy choice that’s thought to have numerous well being advantages for individuals who apply it. Numerous research have proven that common yoga workouts can enhance energy, steadiness, muscle mass, coordination, agility, and vitality stage. All these advantages can counter the results of osteoporosis in older adults.

Regular apply of some easy yoga asanas can go a good distance in conserving younger and growing old bones wholesome. Certain yoga poses can stimulate very important physiological processes and treatment dozens of illnesses. Today, we’ll give attention to eight efficient yoga asanas to maintain your bones wholesome.

1. Standing Forward Bend (Hasta Padasana)

Also often known as Uttanasana, the standing ahead bend is a robust yoga asana that stretches, strengthens, and tones the bones within the decrease hips, legs, and backbone. It additionally oxygenates and balances all elements of the physique. This asana retains an eye fixed on the reproductive system to regulate the hormonal imbalances.

2. Side Angle Pose (Utthita Parsvakonasana)

The aspect angle pose is one other helpful asana which works to strengthen the bones. It additionally rectifies the hormonal imbalances by massaging the reproductive system and stomach organs. This kind of yoga pose tends to reinforce blood circulation, consequently rising the absorption of calcium and vitamin D within the bones.

3. Locust Pose (Salabhasana)

Also often known as the grasshopper pose, the locust yoga asana is one other glorious train that strengthens your bones. It principally focuses on the again and the legs. It is understood to assist relieve again ache.

4. Bridge Pose (Setu Bandhasana)

The bridge pose works totally on strengthening the again and bettering blood circulation. This asana is essentially vital for girls as a result of it rectifies the estrogen stage of their reproductive system. This therapeutic train additionally stretches the neck and chest.

5. Dolphin Pose (Ardha-Pincha-Mayurasana)

This yoga asana does a good job in relation to strengthening your backbone. Not solely does it lengthen your backbone, but it surely additionally removes all of the pressure in it. It additionally stretches the bones and hamstrings, therefore strengthening the legs.

6. Seated Twisting Pose (Ardha Mayurasana)


The seated twisting pose is likely one of the greatest yoga poses for stronger and more healthy bones. It helps exert strain on the backbone whereas stimulating bone manufacturing. This one is exceptionally efficient in relation to stress-free the again and neck in addition to selling bone well being.

7. Tree Pose (Vriksasana)

The tree pose is likely one of the most iconic yoga asanas for vigorous bones. It is classed as one of the insanely fashionable yoga illustrations accessible right now. Performing this yoga pose for a minimum of one minute may help stretch the main muscle teams, construct stronger bones, and calm your thoughts.

8. Half Moon Pose (Ardha Chandrasana)

The final of the yoga asanas on our listing is the half-moon pose, which improves your functionality to steadiness with weak bones. It does assist tone the backbone, legs, and stomach. This pose strengthens the bones and cures osteoporotic ache. It equally improves blood circulation and nutrient absorption.

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